Friday, September 23, 2011

lent, week 4: light.

We need some light
First of all, we need some light

I have a lot of secrets that I am trying to keep
buried in my chest of earth, and am simultaneously
handing out keys and burning my maps.

I wish someone would come out with their
headlamps and come excavate all my
shame and sorrow, but at the same time
I feel like it's up to me to take out the shovel

You can't sit here in the dark
And all alone, it's a sorry sight

Dust we all are, and to dust we shall return,
but I want to be made of iron, impenetrable
and bulletproof. But I am clay, and can crumble
into sharp edges, and I fear cutting the ones
who would pick me up to put me back together;
I fear them breaking me even more.

The price of love is loss
But still we pay
We love anyway

You were bought for the price of a field,
great treasure, so you could dig me up from
my earthen grave and crack me open,
turn my ashes into glory,
and turn on my sight to see my sisters
see my brothers
all your pearls of great price
and give all I have for them, too.


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