Friday, September 23, 2011

to the sunday afternoon patrons of the weekley family ymca

Who are all these people
walking out of the gym,
you wonder, all these folks
in totally workout-inappropriate clothes,
kids and purses and coffee in hand.

Well. It’s a long story, but
the short version is
we are wandering birds who have
nested in this tree awhile,
a motley flock of ravens and robins
and peacocks and parrots;

we are a rainbow not of
rebellion but of a promise
to renew the chaos around us;

we are the fruit of a seed planted
deep in the Texas soil.

We have been broken
we have been healed
we have been sent out
by the wind like dandelions
we are like no other family you know

so come a little early next Sunday.
come see what love has done
what He’s doing
what He can do in you
at His word heaven is unleashed on us
so come and join us
we’ll save you a spot


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