Monday, January 26, 2009

I came to meet God today--

I came to hear the voice that spoke the stars into space,
the voice that was Word, Word that was flesh,
flesh that is body and blood broken for us,
bread and wine for the long road ahead,
and I will taste and see that the Lord is good.

I came to meet God today,
and angels caught me unaware
as they went dancing up and down the stairs
hung in between heaven and earth;
they taught me their one-song glory
and told to me the old, old story
of eternity invading time,
of a kingdom coming for you, for me.
For in the six days of nine to five
I stand a little less alive,
like the silver cord that will one day break
(for dust we are, to dust we will return),
but today the Lord said let there be light,
and we are raised to life like a dry bone army
only to have the Spirit set us aflame.

I came to meet God with His blood on my hands,
but before this Judge I don't fear to stand,
because these stains are my safety and my alibi,
so I raise them up rejoicing like a flag flown high in a hostile country;
they are the marks of my longing for my true fatherland.
I just came here to get a glimpse,
to hear its song, to taste its riches.

I came to meet God today
and at first I didn't recognize Him because
He looked an awful lot like you,
for we too are His body,
broken and poured out like a drink offering,
but raised up again to life and seated in Him in the heavens.
Sorry, Ms. Rowling, we are the real
Order of the Phoenix--and we don't need spells!
We are the children of the Deeper Magic from before the dawn of time.

I came to meet God today,
and He left His kiss on my lips
and His name on my hands
(and in those days, He said, one will
write on her hands, "I am the Lord's").

I came to meet God today
only to find that He came to meet me,
came to meet us


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