Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am the cat which curiosity killed,
But discontent to spill my blood into its veins
The earth will let me rise, and I am born again
(So to speak)
So I can speak that which I have seen right before
The silver cord broke

(Ah, sons and daughters, don’t you know
That if you know the truth, the truth will set you free?
But as for me and mine we will intertwine
Ourselves with the promise of the fire next time to come)

Let the muses of innocence speak again

We are the priests and the prophets
The fools and wise men
Seeking stars from the east that lead us to salvation
But also to death and doubt, says Thomas
For we do not know where the road is taking us, he says again
And yet all shall be well, says the prioress
And truth be told, I am inclined to believe her
And to all of them I say my amen and amen

Because I can see that sphere rising just north of here
In the rocks and hills of Bethlehem
And I can now rejoice with great joy
But it has been a long and weary road to get here
On my calloused feet and too-tender knees (says Aaron)

So it goes. So it goes. Amen.


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