Sunday, August 05, 2007


In twenty-four hours
marriages will end
women will miscarry
men will lose their jobs
children will wake up hearing
their parents screaming again
traveling from one nightmare to another

in twenty-four hours
another writer will burn her manuscript
another dictator will take his stand
another war will fail to cease
another preacher will say that there is no God

more despair will lead to bleeding wrists
more apathy will lead to another outcast
more walls will be built
more foundations cracked

in twenty-four hours, they tell me,
150 thousand people will be dead
8 thousand from AIDS
24 thousand from hunger
and of those 150 thousand
20% will be children

and darkness will cover the earth


in twenty-four hours children will be born
and those children will live
love will grow deep like tree roots and crack hearts of stone
another teacher will rock one student's world
another hug will give life to a dying man
another voice will give words to the speechless

widows will feed their sons and daughters
orphans will be given homes
men will fall in love with their wives again

in twenty-four hours
the sun