Thursday, June 09, 2005

Midnight running.

We fell to escaping from the city lights of Waco where my heart was left behind, along with another ten miles, another twelve months of my solitude and despair, and what she said went to my head while we bumped and grinded all the way down 35, the tires rumbling down the highway like a growling hunger in our stomach, and in our souls, and we lost control of time and space, just tumbling through this tunnel to the middle of this state of lonely stars, these holes in our ceiling through which we can see a glimpse of God's backside light. This car may as well be the Delorean for all its power to drive us (no pun intended) to find a different point, to escape the beginning-end zeroes for another era, while the beauty of another fifty-two weeks, another three hundred sixty-five days, another five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, another year in the life lies ahead, and all the quickly fading photos we put in the book of scraps from eternity’s table sit behind, but for now there is only now, there is only here, and there is only us, and the glory of the sky. Have you ever transcended space and time? asks Lily Tomlin on the silver screen, and all I can respond is, Tonight, lady, there is nothing else but that.


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