Thursday, April 21, 2005

January 13

wandering the streets of my city alone
(these january nights are cold and i
receive no warmth or comfort from
these lights that stand like soldiers
watching over me in the bleak midwinter)
i feel the rise and fall of my chest
as i breathe in i know that i am alive
as i breathe out i know that i am dying

but receiving all this oxygen i know that
it is one more common grace
and exhaling my life i know that
i am not meant for this place

and wandering the streets of my city tonight
as others are absorbed by other dreams
the misty haze that leaves my lungs will rise

* * *
it is not good
declared the Lord
for adam there
to be alone

flesh of his flesh
bone of his bone
a love affair
to fill the world

and we are here
to fill the hole
in others' hearts
as means of grace

but here we stand
within this space
trying to find
another soul

to love without
the pain required
without the break
of ruined trust

but now to know
that love we must
jump off the cliff
into the fire

of risk.

* * * *
for these two decades i have known
the kiss of God on my fingertips

for twenty years i hear his voice
on my fellow wandering pilgrims' lips

this story isn't finished yet
the ending isn't written down

and it goes ever ever on
until these words i sow have grown

and glory is in our midst


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