Friday, September 17, 2004

Valediction for Mourning and Joy

here we stand with life and death in hand,
and both seem like rather attractive choices.
i can hear your heart beating in your throat
like the sound of some distant angel’s footsteps,
and your internal weeping haunts me with each breath we take.

it seems like we’re all awake inside our dreams,
lost in a world full of wonder and terror and horrific beauty,
still trying to hold on to everything
and to retain our composure while all that’s broken
is carefully pieced together with the grace of God

underneath these stars it seems like a good day to be alive
underneath the sun I’m reminded that we all must die

hold my hand and we can hold up each other’s weary souls
and long to breathe in deep this life that comes only in death;
so before the night comes, my friend, my love,
let me say what i always meant to say, but couldn’t:
that i love you with a heart that belongs to another…


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