Friday, September 17, 2004


This morning I woke up with this aching in my chest
And the rain outside my window found its way into my head
And today it's like I've slowly lost my grip on everything
Except a shattered soul and this song for me to sing
So as night turns into day and all my dreams fly away
There's nothing left for me except to give it up and say
That all I know is that I need you here with me

If hope's springing eternal in the soul of every man
Then tell that to my broken heart so it will understand
And it's almost like I'm living inside someone else's dreams
In a world so full of lies that nothing's ever as it seems
So as day turns into night and my sanity takes flight
There's nothing left for us except this clarity of sight
And all I know is that I need you here with me

And all that's left of yesterday
Is draining all our breath away
Tomorrow's still another day
But this is not a place where I can say

Tonight your name was written in the glory of the sky
And all that we can do is close our eyes and wonder why
The sun will also rise to hide the beauty of the stars
And its burning light illuminates the beauty of our scars
And as life gets rearranged, it's feeling rather strange
To stand here on the sidelines while I'm screaming out your name
And all that's left are all my memories here with me...


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