Friday, September 17, 2004


Who or what--can anything
Cure this immortal fear
Of my own mortality?
Tonight I'm lonely, tonight I'm just a face
In a sea of faceless names,
And tonight I know I need you here with me.

How and why--for what purpose
Do I continue to write my story
That only serves as filler in your own?
And tonight I'm seeing, tonight I'm breathing
In this holistic mystery of you
While I dance my won't, I sing my can't.

And you're here with me
But you're still so far away
And all I can do is think of you tonight...

Where and when--if ever at all
Will we ever sort out
This ever-ending mess?
Tonight I'm finding my way
Through this labyrinth of you and me and her and him
While we're all still waiting here...


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