Friday, September 17, 2004


I won’t go back down
To the place I just came here from;
It was the place that was slowly killing me.
And there I heard the fallen angels’ songs
That found their way
Into my mind’s ear,
And I can hear them screaming even now…
So I can’t go back anymore

Were you a clay man sleeping in the garden
And I the woman taken from near
The center of your innocence,
Would you and I have broken
The order of the universe
By following our all-deceptive hearts?

Today I think we finally escaped
From a fate of being society’s casualties,
Two notches on the guns
Of the culture wars.

And we can’t go back
To where we came from…

And I can hear the sound of a generation
Broken by the revolution
And the pain of their yesterdays
Cries aloud to the heavens that hide
The face of theos
Who rains down tears
That fall salty on the wounds
That will be slow to heal
But will tell our stories to the ones after us.


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