Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Philosophy 1307

I am learning to think in the abstract,
in questions of logic and virtue--
We, the heirs of the Enlightenment,
forsook our romantic grandparents' legacy
of adventure and emotion
for the uncertainty of the great unknown of reason.

The professors, in their square-shouldered,
shirt-and-tie rhetoric,
tell us of history and ideas and facts,
but it is up to our poor brains
(not even two decades old, but
far enough from our innocence to have forgotten
our wonder...)
to mesh truth together into the mystery of life and language.

And in our feeble knowledge
all we know to do is choose between a and be
and stay confined to our small
bubbles that we can fill in with the smallest points
instead of pondering beauty
line by perilous, ponderous line.


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