Friday, September 17, 2004

Mix CD

First is the song about the girl
Who looks in the mirror and doesn't see
Anything of worth except the soul
That looks back at her in the eye.
No more innocence for her,
Even though the world might call her pure,
But she's given away her heart to everyone that passes by.

Next is the tune about the carefree days
In the summer sun, the one you could dance to
Or listen to on the road with the windows rolled down
And the breeze gently tousling your hair.
It's a song about young love and good friends
And gives you the feeling that life won't ever end.

The one after that is the one someone wrote
With a broken heart, in a minor key
When they were drunk with their own despair.
Still...there's a thread of hope that weaves its way
Through the fabric of the poet's mournful melody.

Track 4 is the simple tune that makes you think,
That makes you want to weep and laugh at the same time.
It's a song about leaving your past behind,
Moving on, letting your wounds heal
And not remembering the pain.

And the soundtrack plays on into the night,
Put on repeat for you to listen to and let it fade into the back of your head,
So when you walk away it never quite leaves you,
But settles into your subconscious and only waltzes into your memory
When you let it...


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