Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Living Room

Suzanna walks into the dusty, barren room,
Gloves in hand, imagining impending change,
Anticipating, visualizing the future--
A red couch there, a television here,
Another year with her brand new husband,
And an even newer, fragile, beautiful child.

It wasn't long ago that she herself was a child,
Embraced inside the warm and loving room
Of her mother's laughter as the husband,
Suzanna's father, caught the wind of change
And danced around the country, settling here
Inside this very house, to spend their future

Raising a son and a daughter. But all that the future
Brought to her was heartache--when she was still a child
Her mom and dad left them with a neighbor here
To go to the movies, and as they sat in the living room
Watching TV, they received a call that would change
Everything. Their parents, a wife and her husband--

Such a young couple, the barely-thirty husband
A new manager in his company, and his bright future
Dawning soon, so that everything would change,
And his beautiful wife, the mother of a brand new child,
Suzanna's kid brother Jeff--the neighbor, in the next room,
Heard the news that their mom and dad were no longer here...

And so, as she, newly married, is standing here
Inside this room, waiting for her own young husband,
Memories from inside of her soul come flood this room
And flood her eyes with tears, as plans for the future
Start colliding with the past--she's once more a child,
Barely understanding this lonely, tragic change.

Though it's been fifteen years, some things don't change,
Least of all heartache, but in this place here
She remembers, and promises her own small child
That lives inside her now, that she and her husband
Have loved for months, that his own future
Will know a mother and a father and safety in this room.


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