Friday, September 24, 2004

the family tree of knowledge

I come from a country across the sea,
Split in half by wars and tanks and philosophy,
A place that remains to me a mystery
Except for what the printed page would tell me,
But there I have a mother, father, family;
Here I have a confused identity--

For Texas, Missouri, Korea formed by identity,
Two nations, cultures separated by a sea,
Two mothers, two fathers, yes, but one family,
And sitting here hearing of the philosophy
Of my old home that doesn't belong to me,
It opens up my box of mystery

To the greater meaning, the global mystery
Of who and what and where makes identity.
My history is only part of me;
I am as small and yet as vast as the great sea
That I span within my story, East and West philosophy.
Is it maybe true that we, this family

Called the human race, this great global family
Is united by our own story, the tremendous mystery
Of guilt and shame and grace--a philosophy
Of broken man, whose sole identity
is wrapped up in himself, the darkened sea
of pride: "It's all about me!"

we cry, and now it seems to me
that we from this bloody, wandering family
are all drowning in the bloody sea
of disbelief in who we are, in the mystery
that we all want to know, and put our identity
in; we hope in our collective ideas and philosophy.

so for now, i'm adopting a new philosophy:
beneath the sky, that dwarfs you and them and me,
we all hold the collective identity
of people who need love, hope, family,
and instead of answers, the mystery
that would drown us in its blank and raging sea...

you and me, on both sides of this sea,
seek (in vain) our identity in the holy mystery
of the ever-changing philosophy of the fallen family.


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