Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dona Eis Requiem

Evergreen the trees and ever-long the days
Dying the leaves and feeble my song
Here in the heart of a country where stars
Shine like everlasting glory
Through a gauzy dark veil that covers the face of God

Beautiful the souls and corrupted the hearts
Searing the flames and glorious the streams
Where men cry out for emptied pride
And women weep for their broken wills
And sleep comes slowly to each human mystery

While the universe slowly spins
In a mournful dance of praise

And lonely the child and joyful the father
Sorrowing the teacher and rejoicing his student
For the wisdom to know that mysterium tremendum
Lies beyond these fragile walls we can't break through
The vast unknown of uncreated light

Faithful the tree and comforting the plains
Crimson the sun and silver the moon
But we're all so small in comparison to heaven's starry veil
Yet the grief and joy of the human race
Still rise like incense smoke towards the clouds

And our hearts still beat
With the broken rhythm of freedom


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