Friday, September 17, 2004


Your words you cry
in anguish and sorrow
and they flow from your
wounded heart
like the blood that pours
crimson from every
wound we have caused you

and you bleed
your love all over us
your life the sweetest wine
for us to drink and remember
and not forget you

your lungs barely filling
with the conscious oxygen
of this world you invaded
and created
as you push towards heaven
from the nails rubbing against
flesh and earth and time

and you breathe
your word from cracking lips
the air we inhale
and exhale as cursing men
and praising you

your body shattered
by the wrath of heaven
and the evil of man
this vessel pouring out
a sweet and costly fragrance
before your burial

and you break
your heart into pieces
for us, this bread that
gives us life even when
we don't feel satisfied

and can it be
that we should gain
a vintage a feast
a new atmosphere to breathe

amazing love
how can it be
that you, my God
would die for me?


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