Friday, September 17, 2004


Beautiful...your very words are beautiful...
I hear your barely discernible prayers
Pass over your lips like a woman in a ballgown,
Graceful and hushed.
Your eyes are those of a man
That has seen the very face of Christ,
That has fallen down at His feet and wept.

You are a poet, a prophet, a warrior;
You fight for the truth with passion and a gentle heart.
You can sing while you wield your sword in battle.
And I can see your scars...your pain
Is still revealed in your eyes, but you are
Being healed day by day, even as you
Fall away from me and this world.

And though you don't believe it, I still
Find you beautiful with a tragic and glorious beauty,
And when our feet must take different paths
I will not have the strength to say goodbye,
But rather that I will hold you in my heart
And will have a place for you until we meet
In that city where there are no more goodbyes...


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