Thursday, September 09, 2004

August In Everyone

when august drips through God's hands
like sand like water like fire
september's song seems so far away as to be a dream
loneliness your only companion
heartbreak drawing near, snuggling up
like a mystery to the heart of the sky

abstract thoughts and concrete words
srest in the arms of these tired cliches
when you can only speak in riddles
like rhyme like rain like love
and flying off the world is the strongest desire
you could never act upon

questions of what could have been
and answers to what you left behind
get swallowed up in the declaration of the present
like hope like presence like companionship

i will not fear the night
i will not fear the day
like children like poets like artists
i can only truly fear myself and
who you truly are
and the soul of my subconscious still longs to hear you again


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